The Panmoni Business Plan

Problem​: Latin Americans depend on remittances to pay today’s bills and finance tomorrow’s growth to the tune of $88 billion annually, but remittances today are complex, expensive, slow and inconvenient.

Solution​: Remittances with Bitcoin Cash are easy, straightforward, inexpensive and work everywhere.

Problem​: Bitcoin Cash needs more merchants to accept BCH in order for the coin to have usability. Convincing small- and medium-sized merchants to accept cryptocurrency is challenging but very feasible. Maintaining those merchants is another matter entirely. Without a constant flow of customers who pay with crypto, merchants lose interest and stop accepting.

Solution​: Bitcoin Cash remittances will solve this problem by incentivizing remittance beneficiaries to spend their coins directly at affiliated BCH-accepting merchants, thereby not just sustaining but also continuously growing merchant interest in accepting Bitcoin Cash.

Problem​: Billions of people can benefit from and add value to Bitcoin Cash but do not have the means or facility to buy into it.

Solution​: With our gamified adoption wallet module, they can earn their way in by completing verifiable tasks that add concrete value to the Bitcoin Cash network, such as merchant adoption, meetups and more.

We are building Bitcoin Cash mass adoption in Latin America through remittances, merchant adoption and consumer adoption. Like any strong economy, one part does not work without the other. Merchant adoption alone results in unhappy merchants. Remittances means a constant flow of BCH that can be directed to merchants, creating the first leg of a greater Bitcoin Cash economy in Latam.

This is just the beginning of a multi-year vision for making Bitcoin Cash the international currency of Latin America, ameliorating poverty, enabling job and wealth creation and sparking an economic growth “miracle” in the developing world.

Key Features

In one app that cannot be delisted from app stores, we combine:

  • extremely good UI/UX for a mainstream userbase
  • combine wallet and P2P liquidity app
  • special functionality to simplify cash-to-cash remittances for end users
  • new users are paid in an SLP token to use the app
  • new users can work, Uber-style, via the app and earn while learning about Bitcoin Cash, onboarding merchants, doing meetups and more

Key Benefits

With our app, people can remit funds across borders more rapidly, more inexpensively and in smaller amounts while getting paid to do so. A free-market jobs program, builders can get gig economy jobs onboarding merchants, holding meetups and more via the Panmoni app.

Download the business plan and get the full details.